Imagine the sheer beauty of slate without the extreme weight and expense. Think Houston Synthetic Slate Roofing for distinctive, durable and affordable roofing material. Faux slate mimics the size, thickness and colors of natural stone slate at the fraction of the cost. Synthetic slate tiles are made up of composites, manufactured to standards that appear like real slate, but are much lighter than slate and are very strong and durable. Another advantage is that the synthetic slate is less brittle than natural stone, mitigating shattering that can often damage natural stone tiles when people walk on them, when heavy objects are dropped on them and when conditions are cold. Synthetic tiles are lighter and easier to manipulate and move, making installation faster, more efficient and more affordable.

Contemporary synthetics provide a roofing tile that looks just like natural stone, however, cost 45 to 65 percent less. This impressive roofing option also is much lighter, allowing it to be installed on a wider range of home constructions. It is very strong and resistant to cracking, damage, dirt, fading, fire and all types of severe weather.

Synthetic slate roofing tiles are made from a variety of materials, such as asphalt, cement, clay, composites, fibers, rubber, steel and combinations of these materials. Each manufactured product has its own distinct pros and cons, which our roofing technicians can explain and discuss with you. Proper installation is key, and we have extensive experience in preparing the underlying structure, applying the underlying protective roofing layers and installing the synthetic slate tiles.

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