If you are considering the advantages metal roofing has to offer, let Strata Roofing and Construction, Houston, be your guide to evaluating which types fit your budget and which styles are the best fit for your home or business.

Generally, you will enjoy significant savings of over the life of a metal roof because of the high level of durability and energy efficiency, and the low level of required maintenance and upkeep surpass the upfront costs of installing a metal roof. We have been providing quality Houston Metal Roofing Services for years. Call us today!

While most roofs are made of shingles and tiles, metal roofs are gaining popularity because of their advantages and flexibility in many building configurations. Metal roofs can be made from recycled materials and are recyclable when their lifespans end. And, metal roofs are extremely durable, lasting 80 years or more, compared to 15-25 years for single roofs. A roof made from metal sheeting can reflect virtually all solar rays, compared to just a fraction of other roofing materials, producing smaller energy bills.

Metal roofs have additional advantages over roofs made of other materials, including the fact that metal roofs are non-combustible or fireproof. Roofs made of metal are also lightweight, and easier and less expensive to install. Metal roofs offer a few interesting differences compared to other roofing materials. One is that metal can be more easily dented, but repairs can be relatively basic to make. Also, metal roofs can sound different when it rains. Most people who seriously consider metal roofs understand the that overall, the benefs outweigh the few disadvantages.

Strata Roofing and Construction specializes in metal roofing, including: