Seven Reasons Why Flat Roofs in Houston Leak

Flat roofs are a common choice nowadays, especially for commercial buildings in central Texas. Most investors love them because of their energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.

However, many homeowners complain about these roofs leaking and ask for our help. Strata Roofing and Construction provides roof repair and maintenance solutions to these clients.

To detect these leaks, we conduct a thorough roof inspection using our reliable tools. The leak in your roof could be a result of various factors. However, most leaks detected by roofing companies in Central Texas are a result of the following:

Poor Drainage

It is easy for rain and snow to collect on a flat roof. In addition, if the house has a poor drainage system, the pool of water leads to lagging and begins to seep into the structure, causing leaks. Therefore, it is best to consider our roof repair and maintenance services.


Poor installation can lead to flashing that causes leaks. However, it is not a serious condition if taken care of in its early stages. We recommend that you inspect the flat roof after every two years to detect any signs of flashing.

Old Age

A properly installed roof can also leak due to old age. Old roofs degrade and lose quality, therefore, require roof replacements. Contact us, and we will help determine the overall condition of your residential roofing and present our roof estimate.

Improper Installation

If the roofing structure was not well installed or did not sit on the gutters correctly, then there will be gaps present. These gaps allow water to sip through, causing leaks.

Cracks on the Roof

Activities done on the roof, such as installing drainage pipes by roofing contractors, can lead to undetected cracks. These cracks can cause huge leaks depending on the damage. To fix this, you will need the gaps secured and sealed.

Aging Membrane

Old metal roofing membrane is more fragile and vulnerable to leaks. This is because the paint is worn out, causing it to split. It also wears and tears faster.

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes you find that the flat roof is in perfect condition, and the leaks could be from the gutters. Mostly you will notice that there is a blocked gutter causing these inconveniences.

Proper flat roof maintenance from Strata Roofing and Construction ensures that your gutters stay clean. As a result, you no longer have to worry about water flowing to the adjacent roof structures because of a blocked gutter.


Flat roofs have many benefits and are good investment options. These roofs require less maintenance and repair, and they end up saving you money.

However, they are vulnerable to cracks and leaks. Strata Roofing and Construction quickly identifies these signs during the inspection and conducts proper repairs and damage control.