How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof?

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There are times when a proper roof inspection will tell you that a replacement will be necessary over professional roofing repairs. But this is a blessing in disguise when getting a replacement job done by professionals who care. Strata Roofing and Construction is here to talk about the general costs of roof replacements and what to consider for such vital needs on your home. Request a free quote today!

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Deciding What’s Needed

There are times when damage to your roof can be alleviated with a roof repair. The importance comes from gauging how much work is necessary to get your roof back into peak condition. Our roof inspection services provide the exact insight you’re looking for, including a discussion on our current great rates for all of our services.

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Gauging the Averages

Currently, the average cost of roof replacements across the country is around the $6,000 - $10,500 range, depending on factors such as size, damage, and timespan needed. In terms of company policies, we retain a top-rated local badge for business in the state of Texas-based on our consistently positive rates and reviews.

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Knowing the Best Deals

The best deals come from consultations that know their numbers after each inspection. What makes Strata Roofing and Construction so successful is our honest and competitive rates that stay well aware of the market and what works best for each client and their needs.

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Trusting and Affordable

The harsh reality of needing a roofing replacement can be taken advantage of by roofing companies that target those in dire need. Strata Roofing and Construction always keep our rates affordable and fair to help you in the areas you need most. Not only are our quotes free, but they focus on the finer details for making a rate that’s always reasonable for you.


It’s best to get professional roofing work done sooner rather than later. From roof leak repairs to full replacement projects, Strata Roofing and Construction has you covered. Call our team today, and we’ll get you and your home on track for a more comfortable and great-looking lifestyle.