Here Is Why You Need a Roof Replacement

If you are having doubts about replacing your roof, Strata Roofing and Construction is here to help you benefit greatly from a new structure. Old roofs tend to be damaged, and this leads to leaks and dents.

The old roof might also be in good shape, but don't you want to save some money by getting these new energy-efficient types? You should invest in a new roof because you benefit in the following ways:

Reduced Energy Costs

Modern roofs tend to be more energy-efficient. This means that they keep your house warm during cold weather. As a result, the roofs save you the money you would have spent buying and operating fans, radiators, and other temperature control devices.

The cracks and spaces on old roofs also contribute to energy loss. You end up spending more money each year trying to regulate home temperatures. New roofs from reputable roofing companies in central Texas fix all these problems.

Increased Curb Appeal

The roof represents 40% of your home's exterior look. Old roofs with cracks and dents make your house less appealing.

Getting a new roof allows you to redesign the house according to your preferences. Residential roofing options come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. They also feature metal roofing that offers better protection from harsh weather conditions.

Higher Resale Value

Real estate investors know that installing new roofs can increase a home's value. So they use this technique and other home improvement measures to maximize their profits. It is a simple commercial roofing upgrade, but it increases the value of your home.


Old roofs are more vulnerable to damage and can cause serious accidents. In addition, they require frequent inspections to identify leaks and cracks.

Having a new one installed by reliable roofing contractors saves you all these troubles. It offers better protection and serves you longer. Moreover, modern roof manufacturers use technology to ensure that the structure stays intact.

Low Maintenance

A new roof is in better condition, and you spend less time conducting roof inspections. This way, you save on repair and maintenance costs.

However, a new roof also needs to be inspected after approximately three years. Strata Roofing and Construction offers affordable rates for the job, and you can request a roof estimate today. We help reduce the chances of leaks, cracks, and dents.


You need to perform roof replacement on your house regularly. If there are any cracks or dents present, the more you delay, the more serious they become. Strata Roofing and Construction offers roofing solutions to our clients in Houston, Texas. We provide professional services and excel in meeting our customers’ expectations.