Houston Built-Up Roofing, also known as BUR, has evolved from hot tar roofing that was commonly used as a method for installing roofs more than 150 years ago. Durable and reliably waterproof, BUR is a water-tight membrane made up of layers of bitumen petroleum mixture alternating with layers of fabric with reinforcements. A reflective roof coating can be applied to the top layer for energy savings.

Advantages of Houston Built-Up (BUR) Roofing:

  • Multi-ply application forms a waterproof and durable roofing blanket.
  • Long lifespan that lasts many years.
  • Bottom layers maintain safeguard against water even if the top surface layer is compromised.
  • Exterior surface can be quickly fixed.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High resistance to fire.
  • Good insulating qualities.
  • Low expansion and contraction rates reduce chances of materials moving and cracking.
  • No nails or screws required, reducing the risk of leaks from hardware in top layers.
  • Multiple layers from three-, four-, five-ply and more, can be added to accommodate building requirements and budgets.

Expert BUR Installation in the Houston Metro Area and Surrounding Communities

Let us show you how Built Up Roofing can be a superior roofing technology for your property. Strata Roofing and Construction serves the Houston Metro Area and surrounding communities, including Spring, Cypress, Sugarland, Katy, League City, Rockport, and Lufkin.

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