Roof Damage Hurricane Harvey

roof damage hurricane harvey can be water damage or structural damage from storm lightning hitting roofRoof damage from Hurricane Harvey 2017 can run the gamut from mild to severe, depending upon how hard the storm hits your residential area and depending upon the current condition of your roof. Strong winds associated with the storm can rip shingles and tiles from your roof like playing cards, damage underlying roofing layers and even jeopardize the structural integrity of the entire roofing system itself.

Hurricane Harvey Events  Starting August 22, 2017

Tropical Storm Harvey

Hurricane Harvey What to Expect

Storm Damage from Hurricane Harvey 2017

Expect Roof Damage From Hurricane Harvey 2017?

big thunder heads will cause roof damageTropical Storm Harvey 2017 has reformed in the Gulf of Mexico into a tropical depression as of Aug. 23 and has strengthen into a category 3 hurricane combining torrential rains, storm surge and winds to the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. Slow-moving storms are feared because of the heavy amounts of rain that can fall when the storm slows and stalls on the coast or on inland areas. Plus, storms of this nature often produce dangerous winds that can heavily damage property. Overall, the storm can produce extremely dangerous flood and wind conditions for Harris County and the Houston Metro Area.  These high winds and heavy rain can easily bring down trees that can damage your roof. If you suspect you might need roof repair call Strata Roofing & Construction.

When Your Roof is Damaged from Hurricane Harvey

Call roofing professionals right away when you can see or even suspect your roof is damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The worst thing you can do is delay and wait days to contact help for your home’s roof. Hurricane damage to roofs is not always obvious or visible from the ground.  You can expect Hurricane Harvey to cause wide spread damage.

Certainly if your roof is leaking or you see missing tiles, shingles, slate or panels, an inspection is needed now. The best way to know for sure is to have a professional roofing technician from Strata Roofing & Construction carefully and thoroughly inspect your roof to detect storm damage and schedule a roofing repair so that additional damage does not happen to your home. Strata Roofing performs new roof installation, roof repairs, roof leak detection, roof replacement, roof inspection, re-roofing, storm damage repair, hail damage repair, damage to roofs from fallen trees and branches and emergency roofing repair.