New Roof

new roof strataLooking to get a new roof installed on your home? Strata Roofing and Construction has been replacing and installing new roofs for years! We have the experience and tools needed to help you make the best roofing decisions. Finding a roofer who has the knowledge to make the correct recommendation on roofing build and materials can make a huge difference on how your new roof turns out. We are happy to come give you a free estimate and consultation on a new roof!

Deciding on a New Roof

Roof replacements and rebuilds are usually recommended when an old roof is damaged beyond repair. Luckily this is a rare occurrence as most major roofing problems can be taken care of with routine maintenance and care. Major roof damage that requires you get a new roof are often caused by heavy environmental circumstance such as storm or tree damage. These disasters can sometimes be prevented by proper storm preparation.

Choosing a new roof can be a difficult task for many homeowners. With most people having a limited knowledge of roofing best practices, there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to deciding on a new roof. We recommend that you get a professional opinion and work with someone who you are comfortable with. A good roofing company and contractor will give you multiple options and explain the functional and aesthetic rationale for each suggestion. We also recommend that you go with a company who has a good, long-standing reputation for reliable roof installations.

At Strata Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves on having a stellar portfolio of successful projects and content homeowners. It’s our number 1 objective to make sure that you are happy with your roof. We put heavy emphasis that your new roof is both functional and beautiful. Choosing the right roofing build and material will make all the difference. Give us a call for a free estimate and consultation today!