Construction Services

construction services strata

Are you interested in finding a top-quality construction service for your home or commercial property? If your windows are dated and your siding is looking worn out and, Strata Roofing & Construction has solutions tailored to meet your needs. We been repairing and installing windows and siding for years! Our roofing and construction contractors are highly-trained and stay informed and trained to offer the most innovative, highest quality construction materials. We are a full-service Houston roofing and construction  company with a team of highly-skilled contractors ready to lend you a hand.

Window Installation and Repair

NT window’s energy master window uses new low-e 366 technologies to reduce heat transfer and induction into your home, reducing energy consumption and keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. New energy efficient retro-fit windows and save you money on your electric bill. Retro-fit application makes it easy on the homeowner by minimizing demolition and exterior repairs such as siding or brick.

Siding Installation and Repair

Is your house’s siding falling apart? Let Strata Roofing & Construction replace your old, rotten wood siding with new Hardi cement fiber siding that will last a lifetime. Already primed for paint, Hardi siding makes it easy to paint once its finished or you can have us paint it to complete the job for you.

constructionservicesAt Strata Roofing and Construction, we pride ourselves on having a stellar portfolio of successful projects and content homeowners. It’s our number 1 objective to make sure that you are happy with your roof. Keep your home looking fresh with beautiful siding and window options. Give us a call for a free estimate and consultation today!